Comtel’s training division provides tailor made content & delivery to enable organizations and individuals jumpstart on professional development through various Technical & Business oriented courses.
  • Data Science/Big Data Analytics
  • JAVA, Python and Open Source Programming Languages
  • Digital (UI, UX) Design and Development
  • Technology Infrastructure Management
Comtel also offers custom built e -Learning material & interactive content that enhances the User experience for the users of the training courseware. The main benefits we can deliver through such a custom designed module are as follows

Flexible Access: With eLearning, the knowledge is always available at the employee's disposal – this gives them better access to subjects they are interested in and not only necessarily those that would benefit them at work.

Improved Productivity: eLearning materials are not bound by geography or time. It makes it possible for employees to attend the course at their own pace without impacting work schedule and other deliverables.

Cost Effective: eLearning materials are reusable. It is an investment that increases its payback during its lifetime as its primary cost is incurred during development. The low total cost of ownership is a key feature of this approach.

Customizable: Content design and delivery can be customized to meet learning needs that can be very dynamic given the pace of technology adoption cycles by large Corporates.

Consistency: Standardized design approaches resulting in high levels of consistency in the delivery of content which thereby is beneficial for the end users.